You are looking for:

  • a structured way to discuss possible futures
  • ways to imagine the possible futures of your industry, organization, team, or challenge
  • multiple possible future scenarios and the threats and opportunities inside them
  • possible timelines of success (or failure!)
  • your future customers and how to recognize them
  • future opportunities and how to spot them
  • a chance to liberate your team’s creativity
  • the insights your team is longing to reveal
  • a real conversation with the freedom to pursue fresh ideas
  • a facilitator who writes about killer robots
  • a participant who can help groups reach consensus
  • fun

I am looking for:

  • a chance to be the catalyst you need


You want to learn:

  • what trends and drivers are impacting your landscape
  • what’s changing and what isn’t
  • how a development in another sector or country might influence your own
  • what’s real, and what’s just hype
  • about the real-world implications of your innovation or strategy
  • how bad it can get (and how great it could be)
  • which of your assumptions need an update
  • how to envision multiple possible future timelines
  • what’s on the other side of ambiguity, uncertainty, and indecision

I want to learn:

  • everything about you!


You are looking for a speaker who:

  • inspires guests to think about the future
  • sets the tone for seminars, workshops, or other engagements
  • makes a real connection with audiences
  • is equally comfortable at Comic-Con and a community meeting
  • loves to tell stories 
  • helps make visions of the future concrete and legible
  • knows how to moderate a panel
  • does the homework

I am looking for:

  • a chance to hear your story



  • want the combined experience of a trained futurist and proven storybreaker in your writers’ room
  • need to keep your McGuffin cinematic, your stakes clear, and your ideas grounded in research
  • want some notes, an edit letter, or just a conversation
  • need to craft and package this story so producers and audiences get it
  • feel like you’re in a narrative rut
  • need that one metaphor, symbol, or analogy that will make your technology clear to an audience
  • are curious about new ways to show, not tell, the future world you’ve created
  • want to search the dark corners of your story’s scenario
  • need a tiebreaker to help sort ideas and enable storytelling choices
  • want your team out of the weeds and into the story


  • am your secret weapon


You’re telling a story:

  • to evoke possible futures in a rich, lived-in, resonant way
  • to share your vision
  • to imagine what’s possible
  • to road-test the implications of a strategy or senario
  • to make a foresight scenario come alive
  • to add human scale and depth to your report
  • to show what your numbers mean in everyday life
  • to start a conversation
  • to use fiction as a prototyping process
  • to find points of failure
  • to connect with new and different personas
  • to depict generational and demographic change
  • to investigate alternatives

I’m telling a story:

  • because planning for the future means writing it down, first



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