Glass Houses

A group of employees and their CEO, celebrating the sale of their remarkable emotion-mapping-AI-alogorithm, crash onto a not-quite-deserted tropical island.

Luckily, those who survived have found a beautiful, fully-stocked private palace, with all the latest technological updates (though one without connection to the outside world). The house, however, has more secrets than anyone might have guessed, and much darker reason for having been built and left behind.

Kristin, the hyper-competent “human emotional support technician” (i.e., the eccentric boyish billionaire-CEO Sumpter’s idea of an HR department) tries to keep her colleagues stable, throughout this new challange, but staying sane seems to be as much of a challange as staying alive. Being a “woman in technology” has always meant having to be smarter than anyone expects….and Kristin’s survival skills are more impressive than anyone knows.