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Good news! One of my stories has made it to Escape Pod! That means that someone, somewhere will get to read aloud about romantically-inclined mobile phone apps, and post-prom chicken fights in hot tubs. Good news all ’round, I say. Special thanks to Dave for encouraging me to submit the story.

I was so pleased about this news that I spent extra time in the kitchen, today:

From Food
From Food

Above, you’ll find the bento I’m taking with me tomorrow when I head out for an appointment. I don’t prepare bento often, and as you can see they’re rarely very attractive. (Were I a character in shoujo anime, my bento skills would never win my intended’s heart.) But they are useful when you don’t want to waste the money or calories on fast food. And there is something very calming about making something like inari zushi; it is a repetitive process whose end product you actually get to enjoy after all the hard work. I feel this way about gyoza, too. From mixing and marinating the meat to pinching together the dumplings to frying them, dipping them, and eating them, I’m mostly on my feet avoiding hissing hot oil or manning my tongs. But at the end there’s this crispy, juicy explosion of garlic and ginger and scallions on my tongue, and it’s all worth it.

You know, sort of like writing.

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