Some Recent Interviews

In anticipation of ReV finally hitting doorsteps and tablets, I’ve been doing some interviews: My first Locus interview An interview in Clarkesworld The Big Idea at Whatever (I’ve done The Big Idea for all three Machine Dynasty novels, I believe, but this particular entry is pretty special to me.)   If you’re curious about my …

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ReV is out!

It’s true! For real, this time! You can buy it here! (You can buy it lots of places: Amazon, B&N, Powell’s, Waterstones, Book Depository, Chapters Indigo, Bakka-Phoenix, and elseswhere!)People have been telling me all day that they’ve received Fed-Ex notices and Kindle alerts, so this is really happening! For real! To those of you who …

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A Star Wars Story

When I saw reviews of The Rise of Skywalker saying that it had “walked back” much of what made The Last Jedi so interesting, my sudden protectiveness of that film surprised me. Why I was I so loyal to it? It was a big corporate franchise picture; it didn’t need my help. And then, I …

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My 2019 WorldCon Schedule

At long last, I am finally attending a WorldCon again. I missed it in recent years, but this year it’s in Ireland, where some of my family is and where some of my family is from. I couldn’t miss it. And it’s a good thing, too, because I have a surprising amount of programming!

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