And I mean, tiny.

It is the task of every generation to re-make civilization. Participating in that process actively, rather than accidentally, is an exciting privilege. –Karl Schroeder, over afternoon tea. (Spending time with Karl always reminds me of what a beginner I am.)


These are the three most inspiring things I’ve read all week, the things that made me sit back and actually think about them, rather than simply digesting and moving on. I showed these things to other people, thought about them at the gym, which is always a sign that a piece has stuck with me. …

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Sudden realization

While re-examining a piece I did last year for submission, I suddenly realized that it had (what I now consider) a beautiful ending spot, but silly me insisted on writing a lot of extra scenes that bloated it into something grotesque. This is my favourite part:

Honourable Mention

My story, “In Which Joe and Laurie Save Rock n’ Roll,” originally published in Tesseracts Eleven, has just been granted an honourable mention in Gardner Dozois Twenty-fifth Annual Year’s Best Science Fiction. Before I got my hands on a copy of the book, I had Dave take pictures for me: Honourable Mention Also I made …

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