The surreal intersection of anime and politics

This morning, Mr. Ashby dreamt that Sarah Palin announced her hatred of anime as a plank of the Republican platform. She especially despised Bleach, decrying its violence, because (she said) her son was a great fan of the series and it had influenced him to do terrible things. Mr. Ashby promptly wrote Track Palin an email saying: “Why should all the other otaku have to suffer because you can’t stand up to your mom? What are you, some kind of Ikari-minded wuss?”

Mr. Ashby was then invited to a televised debate between himself and Governor Palin, wherein he took her to task over never having truly watched the series, not knowing the facts, and in general being a very hollow soul indeed. He awakened mid-excoriation, veins popping, and bleached the bathtub thereafter while his wife slept on oblivious. 

I don’t know, maybe this is what she was talking about:

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