Fall 2020 Appearances

This time last year, we were talking about going to California, to promote How To Future.

We were supposed to hit LA and SF. We were supposed to eat a daily avocado and drink mezcal and smell star jasmine and orange blossoms. I planned to re-visit the Mystic Museum and Dark Delicacies and Gepetto’s. I planned to return to my spawning grounds. Now my spawning grounds are on fire, and so is everything else.

But, the show must go on. And so, I invite you to the following events, all of which are taking place online so that you can maintain optimal physical distancing measures. Please stay home!

If you’re curious, you can also read this Institute for the Future report I provided some creative assistance with: Families in Flux: Imagining the Next Generation of the American Family. And if you’re really, really curious, you can now watch The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel, a documentary film that I consulted on years ago when it was in its inital planning phases.

In the meantime, in the immortal words of Michael Mann: Stay alive. No matter what occurs.


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