Oceans, Orphans, and Sunbursts!

Finally, it can be told! I am continuing seminal Canadian science fiction TV series Orphan Black under the watchful eye of SerialBox and Malka Older, our fearless showrunner, alongside Heli Kennedy, Mishell Baker, Eugene Meyers, and Lindsay Smith. Tatiana Maslany is in studio as we speak, giving life to our words.

In other news, my story “Domestic Violence,” written for the Future Tense series at Slate, has been nominated for a Sunburst Award! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the story. This is a big win for Future Tense, the ASU Center for Science and the Imagination, and dark, discomfiting near future fiction everywhere.

Speaking of which, you can also read my story “Blue Lotus” in Current Futures: A Sci-Fi Ocean Anthology from the people at XPRIZE. The anthology also features stories by Lauren Beukes, Malka Older, Vendana Singh, Kameron Hurley, Nalo Hopkinson, and more, so you should definitely check it out. My story is about perfume, disinformation, and AI, and also it features a cameo from the (offensively rebuilt) Notre-Dame de Paris. It stars the protagonist of “Tierra y Libertad,” so if you enjoyed that story, you might enjoy this one.

Oh yeah, and I turned in a book last month, while I was in Geneva for AI For Good, and right before I spoke about “Blue Lotus” to a black tie gathering at the XPRIZE Ocean Discovery Awards in Monte Carlo. Sometimes I feel bad about not blogging more, and then I look at my schedule. This has been your latest update!

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