In which I talk to Gizmodo about smart glasses

This summer, the nice folks at Gizmodo asked if they could stop by my place to film me talking about smart glasses. I explained (at length) that my office is too small to accomodate a film crew, and that our home itself is naturally very dark, but they were undaunted and agreed to film me in the living room. This was very much appreciated — I’ve done talking-head gigs in the past, and they always involve flying somewhere. It was nice of Gizmodo to come out to my place, for a change. They were really kind and also very patient with our cat, Claudius, who worked the room like a tiny furry production assistant. He had to inspect every piece of equipment, and introduce himself to each member of the crew, but he vanished the moment they called “Action!” and re-appeared the moment they called “Cut!” He’s a natural.

I haven’t watched all of the video (it was a big deal for me to look at even a few seconds of myself on video; I really don’t like seeing myself), but people tell me they really enjoyed the segment. The interview was also really fun, both the pre-interview and the actual recorded interview. What was a conversation about glasses turned into a conversation about ways of seeing, design, affordances, and science fiction.

Speaking of which, I should probably mention that I have a couple of pieces up at Hilobrow:

There is also a Secret Project coming up that I can almost tell write about, but not quite yet. Watch this space.

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