Citation needed:

The following are taken from my trip to LA. Names have been redacted. (It makes the guessing game more fun.)

  • “Oh, you cuddle up good.
  • “A Simpsons joke? Where?!”
  • “Can you please just let us taste your beer? Because we’re that cool?”
  • “Wait, is that another Lotus?”
  • “You’re in the wrong lane. You’re in the wrong lane. You’re in the opposing lane. There’s a bus coming.”
  • “You know, the sawdust on the floor really adds something to the whole effect.”
  • “Come here! Look at all this porn!”
  • “Just when I was thinking how nice it would be to live here, he starts talking about tarantulas.”
  • “He was going to get a tattoo with me. But then he chickened out, because he’s a pussy.”
  • “All I really want is to be somebody’s boytoy. Do you know any widows?”
  • “Cooking is just like building anything else. You find the best materials and the best process and you start working.”

And now a pretty picture, to facilitate my gloating:


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