David Lynch teaches you how to make quinoa

I watch a lot of tutorials online. I find they really calm me down before I try to sleep. I had a feeling that this one would be an instant favourite the moment it appeared in the related content navbar, but wow. David Lynch teaching me how to cook? I’m so there.

This is only the first part of the tutorial. The second part is here. Apparently, Lynch released them as part of a promotional campaign for Inland Empire. What I really enjoy about the twenty-minute tutorial in total is that it not only teaches you how to make quinoa, but Lynch tells a story while he’s waiting for it to plump up. He tells it just like you imagine he would, only better, and the whole scene reminds me a little bit of David Carradine preparing a sandwich at the end of Kill Bill, only real and therefore scarier.

Also, I find it completely adorable that Lynch compensates for his cigarette smoking with whole foods. Whatever he’s doing, it works — he’s probably around 63 in this clip, but you’d never know.

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