I am so loved.

I really don’t know how Troy knew, but hard sf YA? Thanks, buddy. Feed (by M.T. Anderson) has “bubble bath” written all over it.

Also, irony: Toronto!David gave me The Best of the Spirit, and Seattle!David gave me a “Ladies of The Spirit” trading card set (with a temporary tattoo!). He also gave me Spook Country, which I can’t wait to get into. And what’s up with the giant photo on the back of all Gibson’s books, now? He looks like a strangely hot soccer dad, the kind who jumps at the opportunity to drive you home because “it’s late” and “it’s dark.” (Note: I would totally get in his car. Actually, it probably wouldn’t even be a car, per se, but a carbon graphite origami structure that ran on the chemical energy released by degrading algae skimmed from the top of the family fish tank. Either way, I’m so there.) 

Someday I’m going to do a post on all the books I gave people this holiday, but I’m not quite done yet, and judging by how much these books are tempting me right now, I won’t be any time soon.

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