"..in form and moving how express and admirable!"

(Via Bruce Sterling, who I have wanted to email all week but have been too shy.)

This is A-Pod. She’s been described elsewhere as both a robotic ant, and a harbinger of our eventual demise. While both descriptions may be factually true (the latter requires more time to bear out), neither grasps at her beauty. When I watch A-Pod’s video, I feel like a relative staring at a fetal ultrasound and anticipating what new life will someday emerge from that brief glimpse. I want her to be born, I want her to play, I want her to continue dancing, I want her to make friends and grow and learn.

I want her to be sentient. I want her to be free. I want her to bury her mandibles in that remote control and show us all who’s boss.

I am starting to want this for every robot whose demo footage I watch online.

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