…Award noms, that is.

I don’t honestly expect to win any awards this year, but if you want to let the fine people at the Aurora or Hugo that you’re thinking of me, here are the stories of mine that were published in 2009:

If I’ve done my job, then those stories are already sticking in your mind. But maybe you still need a refresher. It’s always interesting to me to see who likes what: Cory blogged “?oyfriend,” while Dave tells me he’s partial to OTB. Peter dared me to write “The Chair,” and he also whipped the story into shape when I was finished. All three are love stories in a way, and they range from near to far future. I had fun with each of them, although the process was a little different: OTB shifted concept a bunch of times since its inception, while “The Chair” was completed in a single night. I wrote “?oyfriend” after discussing it with Mark Tovey at WorldChanging Canada. (Mark is a great editor, who let me natter on about several different ideas before helping me decide on one.)

I’ve been thinking a lot about process lately. I’ve noticed a lot of timesucks and inefficiencies in my working habits, but at the same time I’m uncertain how to fix them. It feels like I’m writing less, but that the stories I do write are better the first time around. (I hope they are, at any rate.) If I were to discover anything about my process in 2010, I hope it’s how to do this right the first time, and do it more consistently.

* I’ve gotten an email telling me that this story isn’t technically eligible, because it was originally published in 2008. The podcast happened this year, though, and I don’t know how that counts. If you can in any way nominate Tina Connolly’s reading of this story, go for it! She totally rocked it.

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