Memories of my melancholy film course:

I’m not entirely sure what Manhattan is doing on VisionTV, home of both televangelists and Murder, She Wrote. I do know, however, that the first film released to home video in letterbox (so as to preserve the original Panavision aspect ratio) is still beautiful, still well-written, still unnervingly observant. Say what you want about Woody Allen — and there’s a lot to say — but this bit slays me every time:

Isaac: On my prom night I went around this park five times, six times. If I had been with a girl, this would have been an incredible experience.

Tracy: Quit fighting it. You’re crazy about me.

Isaac: I am. You’re… You’re God’s answer to Job. You would have ended all argument between them. He’d have said: “I do a lot of terrible things, but I can also make one of these.” And Job would have said: “Okay, you win.”

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