My Ad Astra 2012 Schedule

This weekend, I’ll be at Ad Astra, my local SF convention. (Well, one of them.) While I’m there, I’ll be on a bunch of panels. Here’s the list:

  • Saturday, 10am, Floor 2 Salon 2, The Future of Food (with Leah Bobet)
  • Saturday, 2pm, Floor 2 Salon 1, Reading (with David Nickle)
  • Saturday, 7pm, Franklin, Food in Fiction
  • Sunday, 1pm, Floor 2 Salon 3, Sequels: How Do They Work? (with Peter Watts)
  • Sunday, 3pm, Franklin, Community vs. The Big Bang Theory (with Matt Moore & Adam Shaftoe)

I’m excited (and a bit intimidated by the size of) about this schedule, mostly because I’m doing another reading from vN, and because I’ll be reading alongside my best friend and partner, David Nickle, who just happens to be one of the best readers out there. It’s the kind of moment I’ve spent a long time thinking about, and I’m happy it’s finally here. It’s also a moment of lovely synchronicity — totally unbeknownst to one another, we each asked the folks in convention programming if we could read together. Aww.

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