My last-minute Worldcon schedule

That’s right, folks, I’m in Chicago. It’s beautiful. Stunning, really. Today involved deep-dish pizza with my editor and fellow Angry Robot authors, jaw-dropping architecture, fireworks, and an absurdly huge bed. I’m here by the grace of the folks at the Intel Developer Forum, whose surprise prodding got me to renew my permanent residency faster than my heels were otherwise inclined to drag. (More on that, and on procrastination in general, later.)

Anyway, I was very lucky to score some programming. Here it is:

Friday, 6:30, Grand Suite 3, Reading w/ David Nickle

Saturday, 7:30, Comiskey, Anime for Beginners

Sunday, 10:30, Columbus KL, Human or Robot: Is Human Spaceflight Necessary?

I hope to see some of you soon!

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