My World Fantasy 2012 schedule

Friday, 2:30 pm: Reading, Aurora

…And that’s it. It’s my first World Fantasy, and since the focus is admirably narrow and laser-like on Northern Gothic, I don’t really have a lot to contribute. That’s fine, because Dave hits the Northern Gothic pretty hard, and he’ll be doing a panel and a reading.

But basically, I’m just glad to be home. I returned to Canada a month ago, and promptly wrote a whole feature on my experiences in SF and LA for a magazine. (Thus this belated notice.) Since I got back, I’ve heard a lot of instructions from friends to never, ever return to the US. I have no plans to within the remainder of the calendar year. I’ve gotten to see the leaves change, look at Halloween decorations on my neighbours’ yards, and enjoy the Presidential campaign from a safe distance. I was also lucky enough to ride out the Toronto arm of Hurricane Sandy without any major trouble. And at Christmas, my parents are coming. I hope it snows.

So if you see me at the con, please do say hello. I have a couple of parties to go to, and the aforementioned reading, but mostly I’m just looking forward to hanging out with friends and sleeping in a giant bed. And writing. So much writing…

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