On "Supernatural"

I should have listened to Henry Jenkins when he talked about Supernatural. (And to everyone who pimped Supernatural to me.) Because then I would have grown accustomed to this level of awesome:

This is Jensen Ackles, who plays “Dean” on Supernatural, doing his “Eye of the Tiger” routine as a special feature to the latest episode. After seeing this, it’s impossible to not to imagine John McCain doing the same each time he begins a rally with the song. (And I can’t help but wonder if maybe that’s the intent.)

I have an odd relationship to the show. I didn’t start watching it when it first began airing, and then by the time I started noticing it here on Canadian tv, I was hearing some pretty nasty things about how the show treats women. (And I still have some issues with that, make no mistake — it’s a troubling sign when all the episodes that feature women involve either rescuing them or being tricked by them.) But there’s so much else to like: the creepy Pacific Northwest gothic vibe; the gritty nature of each case and the depictions of real poverty, the fact that X-Files crew members are part of the team, the excellent partnership between Sam and Dean…the list goes on. I feel about this series the same way that I do about Chuck: every time I catch an episode, I like it more.

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