Happy birthday, Mom.

Today is my mother’s birthday. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month. She is a breast cancer survivor. In that spirit, I link to this post, which critiques the “narrative” surrounding breast cancer — namely, that early detection always saves lives. I suggest that everyone read it, because it highlights some interesting truths about diagnosis …

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How is right not like a particle?

So glad you asked. Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion about modifying Miranda warnings, or the warnings suspects are given upon arrest in the United States that inform them about their rights to silence, an attorney, termination of questioning, and possible contact with a consular authority. Current Attorney General Eric Holder is pushing Congress …

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WANT: BMW's new AR goggles

This is exactly what AR should be used for. And it clearly works as a method of ingratiating the product with the consumer, because holy Christ I want a BMW right now. Imagine using this technology on your kitchen sink. Your gas furnace. Your toilet. Oh God, whither slapstick?

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