The Toronto Hackerspace Adventure Tour, 16 June

A while back, I gave a talk at the BorderTown Design Jam. It was held at ThingTank Lab, but most of the Border Town seminars I participated in last year were held at Site 3 CoLaboratory. The first evening of the jam, Alex Leitch (founder of Site 3) and I got to talking about all the labs and hackspaces across town, and how it would be awesome if you could get some sort of passport stamped for each one you’d visited. Or if you could pick up some 3D-printed or laser-cut souvenir of the your visit. (At Site 3, these are laser-cut cat faces. They look a bit like shuriken.)

Well, I don’t know about souvenirs, but the epic hackspace crawl we had in mind is now upon us. All you need to do is RSVP. Then you too can join us on a journey from Hacklab TO to InterAccess Studios to ThingTank Lab to Site 3. It’ll be a great afternoon, with great people. You’ll learn a lot, but you’ll want to learn even more. Join us!

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