Where I solve my problems:

I’ve been turning something over in my mind regarding my VN, having effectively written myself into a corner with a nasty combination of too much exposition and a need to have my characters separate for plot purposes. Honestly, I was about to solve this problem with a college co-ed shower scene.

No, really. I was.

But then I thought about it, and thought about what makes betrayal work as a device, how you need to establish a relationship before you can betray it, and the solution presented itself. No more co-eds. (Sorry.)

What’s interesting about this, to me, is that I solved this problem while putting on my makeup. (Right as I was glossing my lips, actually, but I started thinking about it during the blush phase, which happens after the lip colour but before glossing — there’s a whole routine.) Normally, I would solve this issue in the shower. But today our hot water failed. I believe there may be some connection — only hot water can stimulate the proper cognitive process, and barring that, my hands and mouth have to be otherwise occupied so that I can be quiet long enough to solve my problem.

The other place I solve these problems is during classes. Speaking of which, I have Japanese lessons to attend. Ja ne.

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