Let's play a game.

I post a paragraph, and you tell me which novel it’s from. When he left the aircraft with the other passengers he had resigned himself to the notorious purgatory of the US Health, Immigration and Customs machinery. At least an hour, he thought, of overheated, drab-green rooms smelling of last year’s air and stale sweat […]

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"Summer Wars" probably awesome, opens 1 August

This movie has everything: Nosebleeds Onsen Pop-art aliens/toys/avatars/Kami-knows-what TEENAGE RELATIONSHIPS FRAUGHT WITH ANGST Character designs by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto A plot the studio doesn’t want us to know about I can’t think of a better antidote to the summer heat than walking into a chilly movie theatre and watching this with your current crush. Damn it,

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My Worldcon schedule

With the exception of Squid, everyone I know has put up their Anticipation schedules up, already. So I guess that means it’s my turn: When: Fri 10:00 Location: P-524C Title: How to get what you want out of a local workshop Session ID: 763 All Participants: Alexander Jablokov, Madeline Ashby, Steven Popkes, Eileen Gunn Moderator:

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The Family

Further to Mr. Stross’ point about the future collapsing wave-like into the present, this evening I used Google Video Chat to talk to Boston for free, at which point my interlocutor said, slowly drawing his spoon free of his mouth, “You know, every day, we’re waking up in the world we read about in books

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