How do you write "science fiction" in katakana?

I ask because I’m about to compose a diary entry in Japanese about my hobbies, as part of my class. Which will further delay me from blogging, as one might imagine.

Other things which have kept me from blogging include this:

Yes. That’s right. Trent Reznor sang one of my favourite songs at a recent NIN show. And I was there. Granted, I wasn’t nearly this close, and I was standing on my tiptoes, but I was there. (I think I may have been hopping up and down and squeaking, actually. It’s sort of a happy blur. Ask Squid what happened.) I love his triumphant little “Yes!” toward the end of the performance, like he’s gleeful at having pulled it off.

I’ve also been busy on other projects:

Not bad, really. Aside from that soreness in my legs.

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  1. I don’t know how to write Science Fiction in hiragana, but when the Worldcon was in Japan (back in 2007), they simply used the letters “SF”

    “The 65th World Science Fiction Convention” was written as ?65???SF??

    “SF Seminar” was written as SF????

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