I hab a code.

Today’s post is brought to you by Advil Cold & Sinus, the only thing currently enabling me to behave in a human manner. (I’m a mere protocol ‘droid, otherwise, or maybe a wood-and-spring automata from the Tales of Hoffmann.) This means that all my processing must needs be devoted to my thesis and the short story I’m working on (my first commission!). My blog-brain is officially shut down. Have some delicious links, instead:

  1. Preview of Orange, a new global manga series from TokyoPop. The art, by a Chinese digital artist named Benjamin, is jaw-droppingly awesome — I love the communication of movement here.
  2. Sterling talks graphene. I love it when Mr. Ashby comes home to tell me about shiny new tech, before everybody else learns about it. (Yes, we discuss carbon graphene drives in our house. Don’t you?)
  3. Confocal microscopy produces beautiful pictures at the Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition. Mr. Ashby forwarded me this link, and the images are phenomenal. It astonishes and uplifts me to learn (and see!) that on some level, we are built of this kind of beauty.
  4. Doctors discover rise in “self-embedding” disorder among teens. Come for the photos, stay for the comment threads, which range from “There’s a serious mental health crisis in America,” to “Damn self-mutilating kids! Stay off my lawn!”
  5. A recipe for mulled wine, from JustHungry. I love JustHungry, and its sister blog JustBento. I haven’t made many of the recipes yet, but the tutorials are indispensable. Also, I may make this mulled wine when putting up our tree.

So, there you have it: my life, in links. Manga, tech, psych, and food. Oh yeah, and Canada’s new coalition!

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