I still write about anime, too.

No, really. It’s not all security, all the time. For example, my latest at Tor.com, on why the Akira adaptation is a big deal. Snip:

One of Akira’s distinguishing characteristics is that none of its characters ever gets to be the hero for very long. Kaneda is careless. Tetsuo is weak. The story gives both of them moments of failure and success, without ever indicating that either character is “right.” In the film, Kaneda tries to rescue Tetsuo, only to discover that he no longer needs rescuing and doesn’t want it. From then on, Kaneda’s mission is to stop Tetsuo — not because Tetsuo is a villain, but because Tetsuo’s his responsibility. Similarly, Tetsuo is a victim of poverty, bullying, and torture, and when he gets the power to do something about it, he snaps. Audiences can identify with both characters, often at the same time. In fact, they find it engaging. That’s part of why Akira had a fifty million dollar box office.

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  1. I wrote a bunch of stuff and then deleted it because it became too wordy. My point in coming here is to let you know I found you through reddit and really enjoyed your entry about Akira – one of my favorite movies. It was as if I was listening to a friend that genuinely enjoyed it as much as I did – but my friends are all drunk thugs, so you would be like my make believe friend. Bye!

    1. Thank you! I had no idea that the post had made it to Reddit. And I’m really glad that you enjoyed it so much. Hopefully I make a good make believe friend!

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