InterAccess Studio, Sunday, 7

…I think. The time may change, but it will still be Sunday evening. Anyway, show up sometime evening-ish, and I will be there reading stories and answering questions. Here is a map.

I’ve visited InterAccess before for this event, ArtSciSalon, and it was a really interesting. We met someone who had made his own fabber, and I got to pick up the pieces and hold them. (The extruder ribs them for your pleasure. It’s great.) I took pictures with DeathRay’s phone, but forgot to download them to this drive.

Anyhow, I’ll try to think of something good to read, but if you do show up, please make sure to ask me some questions so that I’m not just sitting up there gawping like a goldfish and saying “Um…” a lot. It’s been a hellacious week at OCAD, and I’m not even sure what I’ll be able to knit together from my stretched and fraying threads of neuron. Granted, I should probably count my blessings: last Friday, I had two presentations, and this Friday, I only have one! And next week, only one more! And then I get to re-write a novel!

(You would not believe how excited I am about that last bit. Wow.)

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