I've been Boinged!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what Cory Doctorow wrote about my story:

This week’s Escape Pod podcast story is Madeline Ashby’s ?oyfriend, a marvellous, sweetly romantic science fiction story about teenagers who use clever artificial intelligences as “training wheels” on the way to their first real love, but who quickly find themselves substituting the warm companionship of their imaginary friends for the confusing and fraught people around them. It’s got Ashby’s sly humor, heart and it’s got clever to spare. I bought Madeline’s first published story for Tesseracts 11 and it’s wonderful to see where she’s gone since.

Note: I thought about snipping his entry, but fuck it: I’m pleased as punch at what Cory had to say, and I want to keep it forever in my own archives. Seriously, I’m wiggling in my chair, right now. I’m also blogging from my foresight class. (That’s a no-no, kids. Do as I say, not as I do.) Ironically, we spent the day talking about future uses of mobile phones.

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  1. And well deserved too, I greatly enjoyed ßoyfriend and am impatiently waiting for your next story — hint, hint 😉

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