My SFContario schedule

This year, I will again be a panelist at SFContario, Toronto’s only downtown SF convention. It takes place November 18-20, and in addition to being a panelist I will also be presenting an Aurora award for the Best Graphic Novel in English. (Hopefully I don’t have this same scratchy throat a month from now.) Here is my schedule:

  • Targeting the Appropriate MarketSat. 11 AM Parkview
    Often selling a story is all about finding the right market. How do
    you label what you’re selling? How do you find out about markets and
    identify the right one? Our panelists discuss sources of calls for
    submission, networking methods, using rejections to refine your
    targeting strategies, and other techniques of getting your story in
    front of the person who will buy it. (Madeline Ashby, Karen Dales,
    Stephen Kotowych, Jana Paniccia(M), Mike Rimar)
  • Religious Themes in Anime Sat. 6PM Gardenview
    Japan has a long history of mixing religious influences and making
    them Japanese. Religious themes in anime are rich, eclectic, and
    varied. They can be profound or sometimes just plain weird (Madeline
    Ashby, David Stephenson, Rene Walling(M))
  • The Disaster in JapanSat. 8 PM Gardenview
    A discussion about the recent earthquake in Japan and its aftermath,
    local and global. (Madeline Ashby(M), Eric Choi, Dan Evans, Jana
    Paniccia, David Stephenson)
  • Aurora Award CeremonySun. 12 PM Shade Restaurant
    Presenter for Best Graphic Novel English
  • Kitchens of the FutureSun. 1 PM Solarium
    Microwave ovens, food processors… the 21st century kitchen is far
    different from that of 50 years ago when spaghetti was an exotic
    ingredient in a North American kitchen. What will we eat in another
    generation or two and how will we prepare it? Has SF influenced this
    development? Is it all Tang’s fault? (Madeline Ashby, Lorne Kates(M),
    Violette Malan, Shirley Meier, Merle Metalin)

I wish I had a reading, so I could give you all a taste of vN, but shikata ga nai. See you there!

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