Reasons to go running:

…By contrast, running is simply a matter of putting one foot in front of the other. I’m not good at it, but it’s something I can at least manage. Also lately I’ve been reading this book:

It was a gift from Mr. Ashby, and reading it led me to near tears on the subway one afternoon (I had to stop and put the book down before embarrassing myself utterly), because reading that first chapter is a lot like someone you respect wrapping his arms around you and say: “It’s okay if you suck. Maybe someday you won’t. But in the meantime, I love you regardless.”

(Go buy it.)

3 thoughts on “Reasons to go running:”

  1. meh. i have hated jogging/long-distance running ever since i got breasts, & i expect this will continue for as long as i have them.

    riding my bike, on the other hand, makes me really happy. & there are plenty of variously-graded hills around here to tell me exactly what kind of shape i’m in on a given day…

    1. Well, the thing is that I actually pretty much hate running. It’s boring as hell. I suspect I might like biking better, but haven’t got a bike with me and don’t know where I would even store one.

      Hey, did you get an email saying that I had replied to this? Allegedly, that’s how this commenting system is supposed to work, but I haven’t gotten any indication either way.

  2. no, no email. i don’t subscribe to the blogger “see followup comments” either, cause it only emails me my comment right after i’ve made it, & no one else’s.

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