So not cool.

Last Christmas, I made the foolish mistake of packing my Deluxe Edition copy of The Downward Spiral on a trip. It was stolen, along with two other CD’s: another NIN, and a Yoko Kanno — both vexing losses, but the loss of DEDS was especially sad because it was a birthday gift from Troy, who

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Happy Thanksgiving, 2008:

Tomorrow, I will be in Texas with some (a tiny fraction) of my American family. Doubtless we’ll be asked what we’re thankful for, so I figure I should warm up. I’m thankful for this video: This song is perfect for writing about multi-generational post-Singularity blood feuds. Also I’m fairly sure that it’s topical for a

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Things only tangentially related to the story I'm writing:

UCSB study finds physical strength, fighting ability revealed in human faces Subjects were asked to rank the physical strength or fighting ability of the people in the photographs on a scale of one to seven. When the photographs depicted men whose strength had been measured precisely on weight-lifting machines, the researchers found an almost perfect

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