The quake is no lie.

A magnitude 5.5 quake hit the Ontario-Quebec border region today. You can see the epicentre here, and read another article here.

Apparently it’s being felt as far as Ohio, but what I felt was one of those mild but noticeable “Is the earth shaking or am I having an inner ear episode?” kind of quakes. (Not that I have inner ear episodes.) That said, I still headed straight for one of the doorframes and stayed there, tweeting away and chatting to my brother-in-law before he evacuated from his building.

The lucky thing? It happened after I finished today’s yoga. Otherwise: epic balance fail.

UPDATE: Although there is no weather warning for my region, a suspected tornado ripped through Midland this evening. Here, we’re experiencing high winds but not much else. So no, the “fake lake” has yet to be sucked up by a funnel cloud. But give it time.

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