Upcoming appearances

It’s gonna be a busy spring (and summer). Here are the appearances I have booked thus far:

    1. Ad Astra, April 11, Toronto, where I will be participating in panels about AI, privacy, and Hannibal.
    2. Ada’s Technical Books, 5 May, Seattle, where Glenn Fleischmann and I will be talking about…stuff. Probably robots. And earthquakes. And how much I miss Bauhaus Books & Coffee. Also I’ll be speaking to students at my alma mater, and attending my 10-year reunion. Because I am really lucky to be in the position that I’m in, and I want to tell people who are just starting out that things may in fact turn out okay.
    3. Design Business: The Scottish Design Summit, 21-23 May, Edinburgh, where I will be keynoting the “Once Upon A Future” event at the Warburton Gallery, talking about our Gothic future.
    4. Swecon, 7-9 August, Link√∂ping, where I am a Guest of Honour and where I will probably try to buy a winter coat, because Sweden doesn’t believe in bad weather, only bad clothing.

And then in October, I get married. Of all these events, that’s the one I’m most excited about. But if I don’t email you back about something, especially during the fall, that may be why.

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