We're home.

From Toronto

That sombre-looking fellow is Peter Watts, in case you didn’t know. He’s grimacing because he has a toothache. He’s worried that it’s a giant face-eating abscess, but I suspect it might be five months of nightly teeth-grinding coming home to roost. But the good thing is that he can come to a Canadian emergency dental clinic to be healed, and not a prison doctor, because he’s free.

Not free to visit the US, of course. Not free to visit his terminally ill brother. But home, safe, with us.

I wrote about it.

Now I can breathe. I can do some novel re-writes, finish a paper and a CFP, and actually mail my mom’s Mother’s Day gift. I can go grocery shopping. I can write an email to Peter without bursting into tears. We can do Squid & Squeak Watch Anime, again.

Spring is really here.

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