As luck would have it…

…I’m sitting in a dimly-lit room on Gibraltar Point, polishing my thesis and working on more stories about robots. I lucked into this place — which is beautiful, and spooky, and exactly what I need — because Peter Watts got lucky in Germany and couldn’t take his usual Point position, and offered me the spot. The turnabout happened so quickly, in fact, that his name is still on my key fob.

My luck has been good, lately. Through random chance, DeathRay happened to check out his favourite band’s website (not following musicians online, he only does this rarely) and found out that The New Deal would be making a quick stop in Toronto between Tokyo and Halifax. This is how I got to see these guys:

To say that they’re great live would be an understatement of epic proportion. These guys kill their shows. As in, they duct tape their shows’ hands and feet together, give them a vicious beating with a rusty crowbar, throw them in the back of a truck, drive them to a ditch, and then light them on fire. They’re that good. Last night’s audience went crazy for them.

However, I was also lucky enough to receive some very helpful notes and recommendations on my thesis, and that’s what I should be concentrating on at the moment. Once this is out of the way, it’s all robots all the time. Wish me luck.

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