How I spent the Fourth of July in Canada

From Toronto

Photographing tall ships, getting sunburned, and coming home for our annual re-watch of JAWS.

Oh yeah, and finishing the re-writes of my novel. The latest iteration now rests comfortably in my agent’s inbox, and I would have done a celebratory dance of some sort once I clicked “send,” had it not been a quarter to five in the morning. I took a four-hour nap before we headed out to look at the tall ships, I’m exhausted, and my skin is far too pink, and I’m sure I’ll have some sort of sender’s remorse later. For now though, I have an air-conditioned bedroom.

The Bebop re-caps will re-commence very soon.

2 thoughts on “How I spent the Fourth of July in Canada”

  1. Glad you’re keeping all the traditions in place, Irish Catholic sunburn, Brody vs the cement fish, and remember seeing the Tall Ships with Molly? Big CONGRATS and HUGS on concluding the novel.

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