iD: a functional Kindle edition, and some reviews.

It’s true! You can buy it here without issue. Enjoy. The reviews seem to say that you might. liked it:

The world that Ashby envisions is fascinating, filled with strange ideas, nifty technology, and some rather mature implications. Asimov might have given his robots the Rules, but Ashby doesn’t shrink back from exploring a world where disposable, artificial, life-forms who must obey or die, have become relatively commonplace. Where they can be enslaved or killed at a whim, where they can be used or abused at leisure and convenience, where genocide is considered an acceptable solution to disobedience and rebellion.

And Little Red Reviewer also enjoyed it: “We had to wait all this time for Madeline Ashby to come along and show us what Robot fiction is really capable of. You know what? it was worth the wait.” My Shelf Confessions agrees: “Its an awesome story about what if, and knowing when you make mistakes, and the fallacy of all people whether human or robotic.” And Closet Geeks likes it better than the first book!

Then again, so does my mom. No, really. She literally told me it was better than vN. As did my college roommate. And my partner, who happens to have a Stoker and an Aurora to his name. So, for what it’s worth, people seem to be liking iD even more than the novel that inspired it. As I’ve mentioned before, one of the reasons I’ve been anxious about iD is that I didn’t have the time to show it to other people the way I wanted to, and so all the mistakes (and all the good bits) are all mine. So in that way, it’s more “mine” than vN was. I was sharing more of myself, this time, warts and all. So I’m happy to hear that folks have been enjoying it.

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  1. I’m super stoked for you! It must be fucking terrifying publishing stuff this raw under your own name, so I’m glad it seems to be working out for you.

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