Kindle users: here’s a copy of iD just for you.

For some reason, Amazon is holding back copies of iD from its Kindle store. My paranoid, conspiracy-minded brain says they don’t like the content; what vN delivered in violence, iD delivers in sex. (Spoiler alert.) And, Amazon has a shitty record of randomly screwing with their Kindle editions. My editor, however, says it’s a production delay. Either way, it’s a bit Kafkaesque. Especially since Amazon has yet to give us any details on when my book will be released on the Kindle.

I hate being kept in limbo.

The good news is that my own publisher, Angry Robot, has a Kindle edition right here for you, if you’re interested. If you’ve already pre-ordered with Amazon, you’ll have to wait. Or, you can cancel your order, and buy one from my publisher, and have it immediately. It’s up to you.

Grr. Aargh.

3 thoughts on “Kindle users: here’s a copy of iD just for you.”

  1. André Fischer

    I managed to buy the book through Kindle on my Android (how appropriate) tablet two days ago and have finished it. Well, I bought both of course, after reading a review on BoingBoing.

    Thank you so very much for a fantastic read! I can’t wait for your next novel, be it part of the Dynasty series or something else!

  2. I have a question, from someone who just read vN and really enjoyed it, but who is wary of reading iD – how much (if any) of the sex is non-consensual and/or icky b/c of power imbalances? I guess the real question is, is it more than zero? And if so, is any of it graphically depicted? I have become beyond tired of being triggered by books/movies/etc. with rape scenes, so honestly I just avoid the ones that seem like they’ll be in there. But I did really enjoy vN and want to know Javier better… So I’m asking. 🙂 Thanks.

    1. To answer your question:

      a) more than zero
      b) not graphic at all

      Basically, it becomes a moment of reflection and knowledge of the self. No depiction of pain, etc. Rape is a theme of the book, I’d say, but rapists are depicted as the scum that they are, and nothing is written for the purposes of titillation (unlike a lot of rapes or power imbalances in fiction). Also, I’d say you’re safe in skipping a couple of paragraphs (literally, it’s a couple of paragraphs) and reading on. If you want to ask me about it further, go ahead and use the contact form above and I’ll talk you through it.

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