iD has a cover!

And it has Javier on it!

This cover was created by the talented Martin Bland, who also created the cover for vN. This time, we chose to focus on Javier, since he’s the protagonist of this book. I really love how warm and soft he seems in contrast to the machine elements on this cover, and how warm the colours are compared to the cooler tones on the cover for vN. Seen together, I’m sure they complement each other (just like Amy and Javier). I especially like how his eye seems to glimmer at you. It’s just sharply drawn, and it draws you in.

The imagery also hints at the contents of the book: Javier gets broken down and taken apart, piece by piece — literally, figuratively, emotionally. It’s a shattering of the self. (And yeah, that’s part of why the book has the title it does. The title itself is a play on a bunch of different ideas.) So I’m excited to see that represented here.

1 thought on “iD has a cover!”

  1. Christopher Carrig

    There’s nothing more exciting than this part. I’m watching my first cover created right now, and it really is a huge thrill.

    I’m hugely looking forward to the next chapter in your series. It’s great to see it coming along.

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