My Ad Astra schedule:

This is my Ad Astra schedule:

  • Friday, 9pm, Salon 434: Science, Fantasy, and Horror in Anime
  • Saturday, 9pm, Salon 241: Move Over, Meatbrains! (a panel about robots, why they’re useful in fiction, and recent advances in robotics/AI)
  • Sunday, 2pm, Ballroom Centre: Tesseracts Anthology Panel (I appeared in No. 11, and will likely be sitting next to this guy. But you’ll know me: I’ll be the only girl.

You’ll also recognize me because I’ll be disheveled, sweaty, and quite possibly exhausted. Why? Because I’m moving that very Saturday.

No, really. I just booked the truck.

It’s safe to say that I’ll be rocking the green room Saturday night in celebration, in between saying hi to people. I may also demand on-the-spot backrubs, hot towels, or the use of your spare chocolate. I’m apologising now in case I’m a little curt: I just moved (and prepared a major thesis presentation, and graded exams, taught my classes…you get the idea).

Comment here with what you’d like to discuss at any of these panels. In the meantime, I have closets to de-clutter.

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