Reading at the Augusta House!

It’s absurd that I haven’t blogged this before, but tomorrow night, February 8, I’ll be at the Augusta House, reading from vN. I’ll be joined by none other than writers Mike Bryant and Adrienne Kress, and ukulelist Kari Maaren. The Facebook event page is here, so you can throw your name in the ring of attendees.

This will be my first time reading from vN, and it’s a little intimidating — not least because I’m still recovering from the flu, and I don’t think anybody wants to listen to the coughing fits I’ve been subject to for the past week. The good news is that I’m a lot better than I was before. Besides, I was able to pull it together for a television appearance, so I know I can rock this if I just drink enough water.

But this is also intimidating because I’ve listened to some great pieces at the ChiSeries (a monthly reading series that occurs the second Wednesday of the month), and I’m really honoured to be a part of that tradition. The ChiSeries is one of the best parts about living in Toronto. It’s a regular gathering of a loving, talented community, and it happens at a little hole in the wall in the part of town where all the artists live. I’m sure that other cities have similar gatherings, but this one’s mine and I’m proud to be on the other side of the mic tomorrow night.

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