I’m on TVO this evening!

Today I made my first appearance on television with The Agenda with Steve Paikin, a panel show on TV Ontario that airs five nights a week at 8 and 11. I was in a segment with Rob Sawyer, Jesse Hirsch, and James Hughes. We were talking about The Future, and I got to relay a funny story from Anticipation, the Montreal Worldcon, among other things.

Note: You can now watch the entire episode here.

I’m still recovering a from a nasty case of the flu, but everyone involved said I had done all right. At least, not bad for my first time. I could feel myself flailing about as I flailed, and I’m worried I came off all uncertain and stammery. But for all that, it was a really fun, enlightening, and civilized experience. I will now have serious pangs for the people whose first televised panel appearance is on FOX or some other such network. I’m happy to say that I was treated with complete respect and dignity this afternoon during the filming, and I’m doubly happy as an immigrant to Canada that my first appearance is on a channel I so enjoyed watching when I first arrived.

4 thoughts on “I’m on TVO this evening!”

  1. Wow really I thought you were great, very articulate. In fact I was not familiar with your work but the segment made me look you up .

    1. Thanks! I just watched it (peeking through my fingers like a kid at a scary movie) and I’m happy that you enjoyed it. I was blown away by the accomplishments and skill of my fellow panelists, so I’m happy I was able to provide something, too.

  2. Enjoyed your contributions to the show, and noticed no flailing at all from any Ashby! Delighted to have discovered you there, and shall now enjoy exploring your work. All the utmost best to you, Madeline A!

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