Summer's here.

From Food This week, my father-in-law phoned me just to ask if our air conditioning unit was installed, yet. When I told him it wasn’t, he sounded a little panicked. Today, Karl asked me the same question. We’ve received heat warnings for the past few days, and I’ve heard reports of elderly people having trouble …

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Getting it right

From Food I’ve been on break from school for a while. I wish I could say that I did something truly amazing with my time, but I mostly focused on watching Twin Peaks, doing yoga, and finally figuring out how to make brown rice properly on a stovetop. There are a lot of ways to …

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comfort food

I had a houseguest all week — an old friend from university who needed some down time before starting a cross-country move and a dissertation. We presented together at a conference, applying Aristotle’s notion of phronesis from the Nicomachean Ethics to science fiction futurism, but most of the week was spent sleeping in, visiting art …

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