The way out is through: on being stranded in America

I just spent the past few days at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, talking about what it means to do science fiction prototyping, and promoting The Tomorrow Project: Imagining the Future and Building It. I’m really proud of my story, “Photographic Memory,” and I’m proud of the panels I did while in San

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Citation needed:

The following are taken from my trip to LA. Names have been redacted. (It makes the guessing game more fun.) “Oh, you cuddle up good.“ “A Simpsons joke? Where?!” “Can you please just let us taste your beer? Because we’re that cool?” “Wait, is that another Lotus?” “You’re in the wrong lane. You’re in the

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Rubbing it in:

The contents of this week’s trip, so far: Being showered with gifts at the airport (I smell pretty! My lips are plumped! I’m finally a woman, and all it took was twenty-six years and a steadfast roommate!) IN N’ OUT Driving through the neighbourhood where I was born Hitting up my parents’ favourite liquor store

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Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy some Wes Anderson.

Thanksgiving, as I was exhorted late last night, was October 12th. It was, according to some, the only Thanksgiving that should count. However those of us with two countries to our names sometimes get double holidays. (Japan, it should be known, has the best assortment of holidays: Christmas is for lovers, New Year’s is for

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How my trip went:

Yeah. There was some singing. And we did get lost. Not horribly. We just took a wrong turn. It was my fault, and I apologized, but I’m beginning to suspect that some other part of my brain will spit out fatally flawed directions if there’s just the briefest glimmer of a chance that the end

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Back home, y'all.

I have returned home from Texas. And I brought back pictures! From Texas It’s a very small collection, but most of the photos taken this trip were of my family (or me) and I don’t like sharing those. But there are action food shots, and a Houston billboard promising 150-foot crosses in the city’s future.

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