I feel cheated.

The tentacled creature known as Facebook has revealed to me that the boy I had a painful crush on in the fifth grade* has in fact become a stuntman, and has appeared nude on camera in a film that I have already seen, but had no clue he was in.  Fate is laughing at me. Chortling, in fact.

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I hab a code.

Today’s post is brought to you by Advil Cold & Sinus, the only thing currently enabling me to behave in a human manner. (I’m a mere protocol ‘droid, otherwise, or maybe a wood-and-spring automata from the Tales of Hoffmann.) This means that all my processing must needs be devoted to my thesis and the short

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Back home, y'all.

I have returned home from Texas. And I brought back pictures! From Texas It’s a very small collection, but most of the photos taken this trip were of my family (or me) and I don’t like sharing those. But there are action food shots, and a Houston billboard promising 150-foot crosses in the city’s future.

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Happy Thanksgiving, 2008:

Tomorrow, I will be in Texas with some (a tiny fraction) of my American family. Doubtless we’ll be asked what we’re thankful for, so I figure I should warm up. I’m thankful for this video: This song is perfect for writing about multi-generational post-Singularity blood feuds. Also I’m fairly sure that it’s topical for a

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