So not cool.

Last Christmas, I made the foolish mistake of packing my Deluxe Edition copy of The Downward Spiral on a trip. It was stolen, along with two other CD’s: another NIN, and a Yoko Kanno — both vexing losses, but the loss of DEDS was especially sad because it was a birthday gift from Troy, who

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New album: Food

Food I like taking photos of food. It’s the only way to make it last. Neither my camera nor my skills are necessarily up to the task, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. It would also help if I spent the time to write down my recipes, but I don’t. I mix until it

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From a recent dream:

“You say he just wandered in out of the hills?” “Yes.” “And he hasn’t spoken once.” “No.” “…And do you think that this is a beneficial environment?” “Well…yes! It’s full of intelligent, interesting people who treat him like a human being! We all love him!” “That’s interesting, because what I see is a bunch of

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